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Meet Dr. Vincenzo Recine 

BPPTS Schroth Certified Therapist - Level I

My curiosity into the world of human movement and performance began as a high school athlete. As a young athlete I was eager to perform well in hopes of pursuing a college career in football. Unfortunately, I was riddled with injuries and was left constantly asking why I couldn’t get healthy to perform at the level I knew I was capable of. Fortunately, this led me to trade in my hopes of playing college football for pursuing my passion of learning as much as I could about the human body and our movement system. 


I began my career as a Certified Athletic Trainer providing sideline medical coverage for various sporting teams in the New York City area from adolescent sports to managing professional athletes. I spent four years as an athletic trainer working on the field for a variety of sports but still yearned for more to give my patients the care they deserved. It was in my graduate coursework for Physical Therapy that I knew I was where I should be. While in PT school I worked as an Athletic Trainer for insurance based clinics, private 1 on 1 clinics and everything between. 


The complexity of the human body requires a clinician with the time, depth and breadth of knowledge to help create a solution WITH the person sitting in front of them. The current medical system does not always allow the practitioner to exercise their full potential in creating the optimal healing environment for the patient. 


To bypass the current limitations of an insurance based system and evaluate who’s in front of me as a person first and a patient second, I created Prime Physio. A physical therapy experience that fosters a healing environment for the patient to access and receive all that I can offer. 

move today for a better tomorrow

Meet Vin
Why Naturopathy

Why Prime?

Back Massage
1 on 1

All of your sessions will be one-on-one with me. To ensure success and continuity of care, I believe this is the most effective way of addressing the root cause of your pain

hands on

My style of treatment includes advanced manual techniques. You can expect most of our sessions to be hands on in treating muscles and joints that are restricting your movements. Followed by neural re-education to guide your body into more efficient movement strategies.

hour session

All sessions are an hour in length. This will provide ample time to get you feeling good!

specific plan

After each session, I ensure my patients have a sound plan moving forward. The goal of therapy is not to make you reliant on me, but on yourself. With that being said, your plan for outside the treatment room becomes all the more important. WE will create this plan together!

treating you

I firmly believe that no injury happens in isolation. I do not get fixated on a specific injury, but take a wholistic view towards the body. My goal is to identify the root issue, treat it and educate you on how to enhance your movement system for the future.


I came to Vincenzo with chronic back and leg pain from a herniated lumbar disc. The injury had flared up numerous times over the period of a decade and worsened each time. Other conventional physical therapy interventions helped, but never truly addressed the actual issue. After seeing Vincenzo, he took the time to understand the complexity and layers of my injury and pain. He not only addressed the underlying issue, but took the time to explain it to me in a way I could understand. His persistence outside of our appointments was the ultimate difference maker in my opinion. He gave me work to do on my own at home in between our sessions, which helped create consistency with the work he was doing when we were together. When we finished our work together Vincenzo was awesome enough to provide me with programs and educational content to continue with on my own to help prevent further injury.

—Vincent Narog

Give your body what it deserves

To schedule an appointment please feel free to e-mail us!



72 Palmer Ave, Bronxville, NY 10708

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